Jay is a professional entertainer who enjoys presenting programs of stories, humor and songs. He teaches a course at Yavapai College Continuing Education department entitled, “I Can’t Song. Says Who?”, which constantly has people on a waiting list. He coaches people privately to sing with emphasis on breathing, pitch, and putting meaning and emotions into their songs. He directed a Barbershop Chorus, sang in a championship chorus, in Barbershop quartets and was awarded the “Bachelor of Harmony” bestowed by the Barbershop Harmony Society.

He was on the Board of Directors of the Boston Association of Cabaret Artists and was on the Board of Directors of the Boston Minstrels who sing in homeless shelters and prisons. It was exciting when residents would join him for the chorus after he sang the introduction to Swing Low, Sweet Chariots. He sang in Voices Of Hope, which raised money for Cancer research. He has sung and played his Djembe drum with the North Reading Community Chorus.

For information about Jay as a Psychologist, Minister, Conflict Resolution Specialist, Professional Speaker and for free articles about life situations, go to JayUhler.com.